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Astro-Turf Clean Pet Friendly!

Our four step astro-turf deep clean 

With astro-turf now becoming more popular we offer a way, using purposely designed pet friendly products, to keep your investment in the very best condition.

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Stage 1.

Soak and remove any marks, debris and hairs.

Stage 2.

Soak whole area of astro-turf with our first cleaning solution designed to kill bacteria and doggy diseases from both the blades and backing of your artificial grass. Our solution also contains mould and algae eating enzymes to break down any deep down smells.


Stage 3.

Use our industrial water broom to deep clean the backing and blades of your astro-turf whilst rinsing of solution.

Stage 4.

We soak the whole area of astro with our second unique solution which is effective in destroying a spectrum of  bacteria, fungi and viruses at source. kills odours, effective against urine under the surface

This solution is also a disinfectant which we leave on and is totally safe with animals.

Leaves Astro-Turf with a beautiful smell as well.

Totally Pet Friendly!


For a no obligation written quotation click below.

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Looking good smelling great

Pet Friendly!

Astro Turf clean & disinfected
Astro Turf clean & disinfected
Astro turf
Astro turf
Asrto turf
Astro Turf clean & disinfected
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