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Sealing Services

Resiblock Registered Contractor

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AP Pressure Wash is dedicated to providing high quality services covering the Buckinghamshire area..

Take a look below to find out what we specialize in.

Decking Oil 


Block Paving Sealer

Block Paving

Here is a photo of a block paved job fully cleaned, re-sanded & half sealed.

This particular job was carried out on 12 year old block paving using our 5 stage deep cleaning process including re-sanding then once fully dry adding 1 coat of RESIBLOCK sealer.

Protects, stabilizes joints, Looks amazing.

Here are before, after & final result after applying decking oil.

This particular job was 8 years old decking that we deep washed using our 4 stage clean. Once fully dry added 1 coat of our decking oil and I think you will agree wow what a difference.

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Before & After

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